Applying to ITB as a Mature Student

Attending the Open day is a great way to inform yourself about college courses. Our next Open day takes place on Tuesday November 14th from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm. To get a flavour what our open days are like, we invite you to watch this this video:

Applying to ITB as a Mature Student

Step 1: Research your course options

As a Mature Student, you may apply to any full-time course at ITB. But first you need to take the time to consider which course is best for you.

This means reading our prospectus, attending our Open Day and asking the right questions to find out all you need to know.

Email or call 01 885 1530 for further details.

Step 2: Apply for your preferred course on CAO

Read the CAO Handbook carefully for details of the steps involved, see Applications open in November. We recommend applying before 1st February. If you want to be considered for entry on the basis of a previous Leaving Cert or QQI-FET/FETAC award, you need to submit a copy of your results to CAO when making your application. Otherwise, you will need to attend for assessment at ITB as detailed below.

Step 3: Attend the mature assessment exam (if you are invited to do so)

If you do not want to be assessed on the basis of a previous Leaving Cert or QQI-FET/FETAC award, you will be invited to attend for an assessment exam. This happens at the ITB Campus and consists of a basic English comprehension exam; it cannot be prepared for in advance. Assessments exams normally take place in March.

Step 4: Offers of places are made by the CAO

Usually this happens in July; you must formally accept the offer of a place before the deadline indicated in the offer. See and for details.

Shortly afterwards, ITB will contact you with regard to registration, payment of fees, induction etc.