Digital Forensics & Cyber Security

Is This For You?

Aimed at anyone who likes to question accepted approaches to cyber security and who thinks about how a network intruder or hacker would behave.

This degree is designed to provide you with an all round perspective on information security risk and risk management.

Graduates are in high demand from all parts of the Information Technology sector as security is one of the fastest growing parts of the industry.


Computing is everywhere and everyone uses computers whether directly or indirectly every day. Computers come in different shapes and forms, from the traditional desktop computer to the computer in your pocket, ie your smart phone. Modern computing covers a wide area of related and interconnecting technologies, skills and disciplines. From understanding the architecture of modern computer systems and building them, to designing applications that run on the computers, understanding the communications systems and networking, building websites and the services offered on websites, developing mobile apps and specialist areas like cyber security, computational intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Computing is an exciting and interesting area in which to study as it is core to the operations of all organisation and businesses worldwide.

A computing degree is a skillset that is internationally recognised and better paid that most types of qualifications. The modern world is driven by computing and the growth in demand for graduates with computing is continually increasing so it is an area with potential to have a long and interesting career.


If you are interested in computers and technology, then this is the course for you. You don’t need to be good at maths but you should like problem solving and enjoy learning new things.

Career Opportunities

A typical Digital Forensics and Cyber Security graduate initially works in the area of Penetration Testing, Security Analyst or as a Security Consultant. They will usually start on an average salary of €40,000 with excellent career progression options.


Because we’re located in the heart of “Ireland’s Silicon Valley”, there’s no better place to prepare yourself for a future in computing. We have state of the art computer, network and digital forensic and cyber security labs. The courses mix both theory based and practical hands-on subjects which are designed to equip you with practical computer build and maintenance skills; advanced technical, design and programming skills, and the communication and entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to build a rewarding career in this dynamic, exciting and crucial industry.

Computing students can receive dual accreditation for industry certified programmes such as CompTIA, Cisco CCNA, Linux, and Microsoft as part of their computing programmes.

“With the rise in cyber-crime and data breaches every day and cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with the passage of time, I chose to specialise in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.  TU Dublin was one of the few colleges in Ireland that offer this specialised course.

I really enjoyed the penetration testing and web application security modules.  In these, we learned how to exploit servers and web applications and how to mitigate the problem by securing the loophole. Another very innovative section of the course is the state of the art Cisco Lab which allows for working over a live network with easily accessible Cisco hardware.  It was a great learning curve to work on a live network.”

Syed Muzamil Huda
Digital Forensics and Cyber Security