Applied Social Studies in Social Care


The learning in this course helps you create change for and with others, while developing your own personal and professional skills. On this course, students learn how to help others while learning about themselves. This course helps you help others to plan for a positive and more independent future.


Social Care graduates can practice as social care workers in a variety of work places, including residential and day services for children; agencies which work with people who are marginalised and disadvantaged; and residential and day servies for those with a disability. Social care workers often progress with experience towards specialist and management roles. Many graduates also choose to complete further study in areas such as social work and child and family studies.


Open-minded, pragmatic people who are interested in enabling change through support, advocacy and guidance. Our students are both school leavers and mature students returning to or continuing with education.


For the duration of their course at ITB, students will study a wide and interesting variety of subjects across social care practice, psychology, sociology, and creative studies along with other subjects related to social care such as law, group working, health studies and intercultural studies. While on campus students can avail of our specially adapted social care training rooms where role-plays and interactive learning take place.

All students complete work placements in a social care setting enabling them to apply their academic knowledge to a working environment while developing their skills as a competent and innovative social care practitioner. Students are supervised by both an agency and a college supervisor to help them meet their learning goals. In ITB many of our team of lecturers have years of frontline experience in social care practice and related areas.

I chose this course in ITB because I love working with people and helping in any way I can. I went to the open day and I knew then that ITB would be a good fit for me. The college grounds are not that big, the lecture halls are quite intimate and the lecturers are extremely helpful and they have first-hand experiences.

The 13-week placements really gives you a taster of what it’s like. I knew from the placements that Social Care was my area and what I really want to do when I qualify.

If you’re thinking of doing Social Care, I would recommend going to ITB to study. There is a heavy workload but the placements are fantastic and ITB has a great reputation in the industry. The lecturers are always there to help.The course is great, the people you meet, the knowledge you gain and the experience you get in ITB cannot be bought.

While on placement this year I was nominated for an award from the college for an intervention I did on placement with people with dementia. From there I came third and went on to compete in Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur, where I won my category in Cavan and went onto the National level but narrowly missed out on a prize. This course has made me realise that anything is possible, I came straight from school and never thought I’d ever be the recipient of an award never mind two. You don’t have to be an A+ student, if you apply yourself doors will open and ITB helps bring out the best in you.

Kellie Cunniffe
Applied Social Studies in Social Care

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