Computer Engineering

Is This For You?

If you like the idea of building gadgets, making them do what you want with your own software, connecting them to the Internet and the Cloud and controlling them with your own mobile apps, then this is where you can learn how things work and how to apply your imagination to improve and invent the things that we all use in our daily lives.

When it comes to employment, there is a growing demand for graduates with this mix of hardware and software skills, including hardware-software integration. This mix of skills is needed for the ever expanding world of mobile systems, from app development to the technology of the networks behind it all.


At TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus you can study Computer Engineering, with a later specialisation in Mobile Systems and Mechatronic Engineering. These courses are offered at Higher Certificate, Ordinary Degree and Honours Degree levels.


All of these courses are designed to give you a sound theoretical knowledge across a mix of disciplines together with strong practical skills. This means you can move directly into work or go on to further study. You will learn how to work effectively, both on your own and as part of a team and will work on specially designed projects that bring together the various subjects in your course.

All of this is done with modern, well-equipped labs, easy online access to course materials, lectures and assessment as well as on-site support from enthusiastic staff willing to spending time working with our students.

Professional Recognition

Our engineering courses are accredited by Engineers Ireland ( and reviewed every 5 years. This gives an outside objective evaluation to our programmes from the relevant professional body, so ensuring they stand up to the best standards worldwide.

Career Opportunities

Computer Engineering graduates, with their combined hardware and software skills are in demand in a range of industries and businesses including, software development, embedded systems, mobile application development, electronics manufacturing and hardware and systems design and Internet of Things Engineers.

“I chose a degree in Computer Engineering because it integrates several fields of engineering.

A computer engineering student will learn electronic, electrical, hardware and software engineering along with computer programming, networking, embedded systems and IoT Technologies. These are invaluable skills to equip in preparation for modern industry.

The facilities on the TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus are great. The lecturers are down to earth and always helpful. The learning curve can be steep at times but ultimately rewarding.

The best thing about being a TU Dublin student is the sense of community in the college. If you are interested in computers, gadgets, technology and electronic devices, this is the course for you.

It is a rewarding and beneficial qualification to pursue and TU Dublin is more than equipped to ensure you get the best education in this particular discipline.”

Aiden Barrett
Computer Engineering