Business & IT

Is This For You?

If you like games, technology and business, here’s where you’ll learn the skills needed to bridge the gap between business and IT, and between IT and business, so you become more resourceful, flexible, unlimited and independent in your career development. It also prepares you to work in challenging and progressive organisations.


Design a website, problem solve, create a marketing campaign, write a computer programme, make an investment decision, produce an interactive multimedia presentation… it’s all in a typical day for a Business and IT student at TU Dublin.


The scope of these programmes will allow graduates to move into a whole range of careers in industry, commerce and the public sector.


The Business and IT programme incorporates the latest commerical approaches, tools and software that allows graduates to work effectively in industry.

This course provides strong technical skills with an emphasis placed on the application of the knowledge learned. In other words, students are expected to complete specific work tasks, while on-going continuous assessment, teaching and learning methods in a supportive environment, ensure that students become proficient in time management.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Business and IT programme work in multinational companies as Operations Specialists, Risk Project Managers, Risk Operations Trainers, eLearning Specialists, Operations Analysts or Risk Analysts and Project Managers. They can also secure employment in the Banking and Financial Sector or with Insurance Companies as Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Quality Analysts and Data Service Analysts.

“I chose this course as graduates with skills in both Business and IT are in high demand worldwide. Business graduates can go on to work in many different sectors including Accounting & Finance, Marketing, HR and Consultancy.

The course covers many aspects of Business and IT which makes the course very interesting. The campus has great facilities including a fully equipped gym that is free for all students.

The staff and lecturers are always on hand to offer advice and encouragement while pushing you to reach your potential.

I have really enjoyed my time studying here. I was fortunate to be offered a job with IBM when I graduated”.

Stephen Ryan
Business & IT