Accounting & Finance

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Designed to meet the needs of both learners seeking a high-powered career in accounting and finance, the scope of this programme will allow the graduate to move into a whole range of careers in industry accounting firms, commerce and the financial sector. Graduates can apply for generous exemptions from the professional accountancy bodies including ACA, ACCA, CIMA, ICPAI and AITI.


ITB offers business courses at Honours Degree, Ordinary Degree and Higher Certificate levels in the area of Business, International Business, Accounting and Finance, Business with Information Technology, Digital Marketing and Sports Management and Coaching.


The scope of these programmes will allow graduates to move into a whole range of careers in industry, commerce and the public sector.


Creative, independent and dynamic problem solvers with an entrepreneurial spirit and energy will thrive on these courses.


These courses provide strong technical skills with an emphasis placed on the application of the knowledge learned. In other words, students are expected to complete specific work tasks, while on-going continuous assessment, teaching and learning methods in a supportive environment, ensure that students become proficient in time management. The small size of our campus allows students to get to know their lecturers and start to take charge of their own learning so as to develop practical work-ready skills.

All of the programmes in the School of Business include a blend of assessments and exams. The blend of assessments allows students to develop key skills for the workplace including project management, organisation skills, team building and conflict management.

What attracts me to this course is an opportunity to work in a wide range of organisations : industry, practice, public and financial sector. The course offers a wide range of subjects which gives you a solid knowledge and it will prepare you for your future career. The size of the class group is reatively small, so students have a greater level of contact with their lecturers. The course is challenging but rewarding. I would advise this course to anybody who has an interest in Accounting & Finance. As for myself, I received the Student of the Year Award based on academic performance.

Zorica Dragovic
Accounting and Finance

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