Mechatronic Engineering

Is This For You?

Are you curious, imaginative, active and inventive, do you like team projects and problem solving? Then the mix of electronic, electrical, computer, robotics and mechanical in Mechatronic Engineering will offer you plenty of opportunities to thrive.


At TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus you can study Computer Engineering, with a later specialisation in Mobile Systems and Mechatronic Engineering. These courses are offered at Higher Certificate, Ordinary Degree and Honours Degree levels.

Career Opportunities

Mechatronic Engineering graduates will have the interdisciplinary skills necessary to integrate electronics, control, software and mechanical engineering. Graduates will be in a position to pursue careers in a variety of fields from Pharmaceuticals, Automation, Electronics, Food Processing and Manufacturing.


All of these courses are designed to give you a sound theoretical knowledge across a mix of disciplines together with strong practical skills. This means you can move directly into work or go on to further study. You will learn how to work effectively, both on your own and as part of a team and will work on specially designed projects that bring together the various subjects in your course.

All of this is done with modern, well-equipped labs, easy online access to course materials, lectures and assessment as well as on-site support from enthusiastic staff willing to spending time working with our students.


If you enjoy taking devices and components apart and putting them back together, figuring out how they work and how they can work better and you want to get a qualification to be able to build and invent then this is the right path for you.

Professional Recognition

Our engineering courses are accredited by Engineers Ireland ( and reviewed every 5 years. This gives an outside objective evaluation to our programmes from the relevant professional body, so ensuring they stand up to the best standards worldwide

“In Mechatronics, you cover multiple areas of Engineering such as mechanical, electronic, computer, telecommunications and control systems, and this was one of the main reasons why I chose the course. The lecturers are very helpful and will always make sure you get the support you need whenever you encounter a problem. There is always support available to you whenever you need it, whether it’s from the lecturers, college staff or even your fellow students. On the course I study programming, circuit theory, mechanics, electronics and microcontrollers and I have gained leadership skills, project management skills, the ability to work in a team, time management skills, and most importantly, public speaking skills.”

Kristen Fallon ,
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering