Early Childhood Care and Education


On this programme the focus is on the critical early years of child development and learning. Students will work on theoretical concepts in teaching, learning, psychology and sociology and how they apply to the developing child. There will be a strong emphasis practical application of these theories and approaches through indoor and outdoor play, art, drama and music as students will learn to make a difference in the years that count by understanding children, how they learn and how society shapes them.


If you’re interested in working with children, in finding out how children develop and learn, are eager to study different cultures, languages, and diversity in the world, and enthusiastic about making a difference in children’s lives you will be ideally suited to this programme.


The programme combines theory with hands on experience and practical skills. Students experience the variety of the early years sector through two placements in distinct early year settings providing the opportunity to link classroom learning with work based practice. Students are supervised throughout placement by an experienced early years practitioner as well as being given on-going support from an allocated college academic supervisor.

Good to know

We have a dedicated early childhood practice room, which is a replica of an early childhood setting and this provides students with the opportunities to apply and adapt their learning in a realistic early years environment.

Students spend two semesters on work placement in early years settings practicing their
in-class learning in real life situations with children. This leads to the creation of industry contacts for students which can be beneficial when it comes to looking for employment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Early Childhood Care and Education courses work as practitioners and as managers in an early years setting such as crèches, day nurseries, pre-schools, after-school services, special education services, early start classrooms and family centres. Graduates also work in the area of project development and in management positions in the Health Service Executive, country childcare committees and in public and voluntary organisations. The degree also provides a solid foundation for postgraduate study.

“I chose this particular course because I had an interest in working with children.

During my final year, I was given an assignment to write and illustrate a children’s book which supported their social and emotional development.

I designed a book called ‘Sonas and Daithí’ which is about friendship and children starting in a new school. My book was chosen to be published by the Fingal County Libraries, which was such an amazing opportunity for me. It still feels surreal to be able to look up my name on the library catalogue and see my very own book come up in the search results. This opportunity would not have been possible without ITB. I discovered a love for drawing and writing which I did not have before. Having the book published has opened doors for me, including helping me to obtain a full time position as a preschool room leader. Thanks to the college I now have something extra to put on my CV, something that stands out to potential employers as well as my level 8 degree in Early Childhood Care and Education.

I have made some great friends which makes the college experience even better as you get to share it with others whether it’s helping each other out with assignments, and most importantly enjoying the college life together.”

Orlagh Mc Donald
Early Childhood Care and Education