Students receive Intel Engineering Design Student of the Year Award 2018

A special event was held in  on Friday 7th December to mark the achievement ofmechatronic engineering students Roy Mercer and Raymond Matthews on being joint winners of the INTEL sponsored Engineering Design Student of the Year Award 2018. The award is in recognition of outstanding achievement in a final year engineering design project completed as part of the Level 8 Mechatronic Engineering programme .

Roy and Raymond were announced as joint winners of the award at the graduation ceremony in November 2018 and they were presented with the award trophy engraved with their names at the special event on December 7th. They were also presented with a certificate and voucher. Both students graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering. Roy completed his studies on the part-time programme while working with INTEL, while Raymond completed his studies on the full-time programme.

Raymond’s design project was on the design and development of a post-processor for a multi-axis CNC milling centre. The post-processor conversion involves FANUC Numerical Control (NC) and Heidenhain NC code for three axes milling machine and is bidirectional. The post-processor incorporates the use of an intelligent software system that adds the flexibility of using the same NC code to operate different CNC machines based on the controller software language. Dr. Darren Lavelle was the project supervisor.

Roy put forward a project proposal which aimed to reduce household energy consumption by providing a reliable alternative method of drying clothes to the tumble dryer which is rated as one of the most inefficient household appliances currently in use. Roy’s solution was to build an automated canopy to protect drying clothes hanging outside on a traditional rotary clothesline from sporadic rain fall. The system is designed to sense when rain is falling and deploy the canopy over the clothesline thus sheltering the drying clothes beneath. Once the rain ceases, the canopy will retract allowing maximum drying power from the sun when available. Dr. Kevin Mellon was the project supervisor. Pictured above, from left: Michelle Looby, Senior Lecturer in Engineering; Roy Mercer; Raymond Matthews; Dr. Garret Brady, Lecturer in Engineering and Year 4 Co-ordinator; Dr. Darren Lavelle, Lecturer in Engineering & Project Supervisor.

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